Blog Entry #1 – “Senior Year” – Due Aug. 18

Welcome to your World Literature WordPress homepage! From here, you can view blog entry assignments, their due dates, and find the links to your fellow students’ blogs.  My hope for this part of class is that these blogs sites provide you a way to write personal pieces of reflective writing for a real, authentic audience.  Please do your best to follow all the directions provided on the accompanying directions sheet.61FRdkET5OL._UY395_

Your first blog post assignment is a simple one. Now that you’ve begun your Senior year, I would like you take some time to reflect on this momentous moment. This is a milestone on all counts — a time of eager expectations, meaningful reflection on the past, and a final step towards adulthood. So, I would like you to write your first post of the year reflecting on this milestone. What are most excited about? What are your goals/hopes for your Senior year? What do you want to make sure you accomplish during your last year at ICS? How do you want your Senior year to be defined?

Remember – please do your best to write posts that are genuine, personal, and creative!  That’s how you get a good grade on these, and that’s what will make your blog site an enjoyable place for me and your classmates to visit.  Once you finish, don’t forget to follow the directions on the instructions sheet about how to turn in the assignment and find the blog sites of your fellow classmates.

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