Blog Entry #9 – “SE Asia Unit Reflections” – Due Feb. 13

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our SE Asian novels, and I hope that you have enjoyed our rich classroom discussions.  Like I said at the start of our unit, I think that encountering tough issues in literature — in the form of stories — can bring the complexities of our modern world into a new light.   You all have done an amazing job leading and engaging in mature, substantive discussions about these issues, and I hope that as a result, you feel burdened by the amount injustice in the world (at our very doorstep, no less) and INSPIRED to take some part in loving and empowering those affected by these issues.

Because all of your selected topics are complicated and fairly heavy, I always feel like we don’t have adequate time to fully discuss them in class.  I would like you to consider this blog post as an extension of some of our class discussions, now that you have had some more time to digest and reflect upon them.

In your reflections, you could respond to any (not all) of the following questions: What social issue discussed during this unit was most intriguing to you? What social issue (or related area of politics, economics, or philosophy) did you learn the most about? What do you consider to be the most important or pressing social issue(s) that we discussed? How has reading this book or discussing in class caused you to think about some of these social issues in a different way? Do you think society should change the ways that some of these issues are handled or talked about? Are there any ways that YOU feel inspired to take part in addressing or solving these issues?

And some reminders:
– I hope you’re remembering to read and comment on the blogs of others!
– You can always do extra things to be creative and original in your posts (inserting pictures, etc)! Just saying 🙂

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