Blog Entry #7 – “Holocaust Survivors’ Stories” – Due Dec 3

16143231_1552947751401847_5774567471718803545_nThe famous writer and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once said, “To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice.”  The more life I live and the more I learn about history, I would absolutely agree with him.  It is essential — to history, to humanity, and to ourselves — to make purposeful efforts to remember this horrific event that shocked and shaped our world.  One of the most common ways that activists work to encourage others to remember and memorialize the Holocaust is by collecting and sharing the stories of survivors.  To participate in this effort, I’d like you all to hear and engage with some powerful stories of Holocaust survivors.

I’ve collected a few links to some good resources with survivor stories below.  Briefly peruse these sites, and after you choose an individual story, write a short post that reflects on this survivor’s experience.  In your post, briefly summarize the story you chose, and then describe what specifically made this story powerful and memorable to you.  And like all posts like this, please make an effort to choose different stories among your friends!

Next class, we’re going to be digging into the question of our response to this dark part of human history.  What does it mean to actively remember and learn from horrific stories like this?  What is our responsibility to these victims of human evil?  How can (or should) we in the modern age work in an effort to prevent more genocides from happening in the future?  You don’t have to answer these questions here, but I encourage you to be thinking about them!


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